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IT and Cybersecurity Policy, Certificate

Program Description

This certificate provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to adapt and respond to security risks. Students develop skills to implement security processes along with preparing for business resilience and continuity based on unplanned enterprise disasters. This certificate focuses on management strategies to mitigate cyber breaches and enforce technology security policies.


The mission of the IT and Cybersecurity Policy Certificate is to address the integration of security and compliance issues related to electronic user data and enterprise usage. This certificate provides the foundation to develop and manage security issues and policies. The approach is consistent will the philosophy of graduate education at La Salle. 

Program Goals

  • Prepare student to assess organizational security policies, plans and procedures and implementations
  • Prepare students to develop compliance programs related legislation cybersecurity legislation
  • Prepare students to manage IT and cybersecurity processes

Program Specific Information

This certificate may be applied as an option for the M.S. Computer Information Science, M.S. Cybersecurity or M.S. Economic Crime Forensics programs.