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Institutional Learning Outcome (ILOs)

ILO 1 Diverse Perspectives

FYS 130First-Year Academic Seminar3
FYS 131First-Year Academic Seminar3
FYS 132First-Year Academic Seminar3

ILO 2 Reflective Thinking/Valuing

REL 100Religion Matters3

ILO 3A Scientific Reasoning

BIO 158Life Science: A Human Approach3
BIO 161Anatomy and Physiology4
BIO 210Integrated Biology I- Molecules and Cells4
CHM 111General Chemistry I4
CHM 161Chemistry of The Life Sciences4
ENV 153Introduction to Environmental Science3
ENV 155Earth Science3
IMS 162Explorations in Science and Mathematics I4
ISBT 103Scientific Discovery: Phage Hunting I4
ISBT 111Technology and Systems Analysis4
NUTR 165Principles of Nutrition3
PHY 105General Physics I4
PHY 201Computer Electronics3
PSY 155Introduction to Psychology3

ILO 3B Quantitative Reasoning

HSC 217Statistics for Health Science Profs3
ISBT 112Technology Foundations I: Processes4
MTH 114Applied Business Calculus4
MTH 120Calculus I4
MTH 150Mathematics: Myths and Realities3
MTH 260Discrete Structures I3
SOC 301Principles of Statistics3

ILO 4 Critical Analysis/Reasoning

AMST 100American Dreams: Amer Themes3
ARTH 312Art and Medicine3
ARTH 320Topics in Contemporary Art3
COM 101Mass Media and Society3
CRJ 161Introduction to Criminal Justice3
ECN 150Introductory Macroeconomics: The U.S. in the Global Economy I3
ENG 180Introduction to Literary Study3
ENG 353Contemporary Literature3
HIS 200U.S. Republic to 18773
HIS 202Themes in American History: A Biographical Approach3
HIS 205US Since 18773
HIS 331America's Military Past3
HIS 347Presidential Elections3
LIT 150Modern European And Latin American Writers3
PHL 151The Examined Life3
PHL 153Beauty and the Soul3
PHL 154God: Beliefs, Proofs, & Doubts3
PHL 264Critical Thinking3
POL 151Principles Of American Government3
POL 314Mass Media And Politics3
REL 210Mysteries of the Hebrew Scriptures (formerly Mysteries of the Hebrew Bible)3
SOC 150Principles of Sociology3
SOC 151Social Problems and Social Policy3
SOC 237The City: Conflict and Change3
SWK 280Dynamics of Human Development & Diversity (Formerly HBSE I)3

ILO 5 Information Literacy

ENG 210College Writing II: Research3
HON 122Modern Societies and Their Legacies3

ILO 6 Technological Competency

CSC 151Introduction to Computing Using Packages3
CSC 152Computer Technology for the Sciences3
CSC 154Healthcare Informatics3
CSC 155Introduction to Computer Applications for Business3
CSC 230Programming Concepts and User Interfaces4
CSC 240Database Management Systems3
CSC 280Object Programming4
DART 230Intro to Web Design and Development3

ILO 7A Health Literacy

MOD 099Health Literacy Modules0

ILO 7B Financial Literacy

MOD 098Financial Literacy Modules0

ILO 8A Oral Communication

BUS 150Presentation and Collaboration Skills for Business3
COM 150Presentation Skills3
SPN 204Spanish For Heritage Speakers II3
SPN 302Conversation and Composition II3

ILO 8B Written Expression

ENG 110College Writing I: Persuasion3

ILO 9 Creative/Artistic Expression

ARTH 150Introduction to Art History3
ARTH 201History of Art I, II3
ARTH 202History of Art I, II3
ARTH 203Ancient Art3
ARTH 205Medieval Art3
ARTH 21719th-Century Art3
ARTH 219Modern Art (Formerly ARTH 319)3
ARTH 223American Architecture3
COM 204Media Criticism3
ENG 204Introduction to Creative Writing3
ENG 245Survey of British Literature and Culture To 17983
ENG 246Survey of British Literature and Culture Since 17983
ENG 248Survey of American Literature and Culture To 18653
ENG 249Survey of American Literature and Culture Since 18653
ENG 315Young Adult Literature3
ENG 367Literature and Film3
HON 112Modern Literary Traditions3-4
LIT 250Selected Topics in Western Literature3
PHL 260Philosophy Explores Photography3

ILO 10 Ethical Reasoning

COM 300Communication Ethics3
ENG 302Language and Prejudice3
ENG 303Writing for Business3
HSC 220Constructing Madness3
PHL 152Ethics & The Good Life3
REL 140Moral Quandaries - Health Care3
REL 248Rel/Ethics/Civil Rights Movmnt3
REL 250Religion and Ethics in Contemporary Culture3
REL 350Theology and Racism3
SWK 240Relationships and Sexuality3
SWK 330Working with Children/Youth3

ILO 11 Cultural/Global Awareness

ARTH 213Italian Renaissance Art3
ARTH 216Baroque Art3
ARTH 222American Art3
ARTH 224Latin American Art3
ARTH 270Special Topics in Art History3
COM 220Intercultural Communication3
ENG 243Religion and Contemporary Literature3
ENG 250Literature and Culture3
ENG 351Gender and Ethnicity3
FRN 101Elementary French I3
FRN 201Intermediate French I3
GER 101Beginning in German I3
GER 201Continuing in German I3
HIS 206The Americas before 14923
HIS 251Global History From 1500 To the Present3
HIS 25520th Century Global History3
HON 131Early Philosophical Traditions3-4
ITL 101Elementary Italian I3
ITL 201Intermediate Italian I3
JPN 101Elementary Japanese I3
JPN 201Intermediate Japanese I3
PHL 326The Dawn of Reason: Ancient Greek Philosophy3
PHLT 250Global Health3
POL 120Governments Of Western Europe3
POL 221Comparative Governmental Systems3
REL 231Buddhism in Asia and Beyond3
REL 233Islam in America3
REL 237Hinduism:Yoga/Dharma/Devotion3
REL 271Islam in the Contemporary World3
RUS 101Elementary Russian I3
RUS 201Intermediate Russian I3
SOC 262Dynamics of Race and Ethnicity in Contemporary Societies3
SPN 101Elementary Spanish I3
SPN 102Elementary Spanish II3
SPN 103Spanish For Nursing and Health Sciences I3
SPN 104Spanish For Nursing and Health Sciences II3
SPN 201Intermediate Spanish I3
SPN 203Spanish For Heritage Speakers3
SPN 205Intermediate Spanish For Nursing and Health Sciences I3
SPN 206Intermediate Spanish For Nursing and Health Sciences II3
SPN 301Conversation and Composition I3
SWK 281Dynamics of People in Diverse Environments (Formerly HBSE II)3

ILO 12 Collaborative Engagement