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Psychology, B.A.

Program Description

The Department of Psychology offers the Bachelor of Arts in Day and Evening Programs on Main Campus. Our curriculum was designed to prepare students for success in three general career paths: graduate study in Psychology, both research and applied; professional school (e.g., medicine, law, business); and entry directly into the workforce.  The Psychology major requires 12 courses, none of which may be taken Pass/Fail.

Why Take This Major?

Psychology is a science that seeks to understand and describe human behavior and relationships. Students in this major will continuously build their awareness of the needs of our diverse society, the role that research plays in enriching our understanding of life, and the ways in which the profession of psychology serves to improve the human condition through ethical research, practice, and application.

A major in Psychology offers a number of desirable skills. First, students develop a sophisticated understanding of the complexities of human behavior and thinking.  Second, students develop quantitative and research skills that allow them to appreciate and undertake the study of human behavior and thinking. Third, students gain interpersonal skills for collaboration and teamwork. In addition, students become part of a community of scholars that includes faculty, graduate students, and fellow undergraduate students.