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Strategic Communication, M.A.

Program Description

The Master of Arts in Strategic Communication is a 33-credit program for people who wish to improve their communication skills and understanding of communication issues and practices within business and professional organizations. It is designed to be broad in scope but provides sufficient depth for students to explore issues that meet their interests or needs.

Students may elect to complete the M.A. program in one of two ways. First, students in the One-Year M.A. program complete their degree within 12 months. Students in the One-Year program may take courses during the day and evening. Second, the part-time program allows working adults to take classes during the evenings and weekends, progressing through the program at a pace of their own choosing.


Our Program develops skilled communication strategists and competent, professional communicators. Students increase theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and ethical judgement to enhance their professional development.

Program Goals

  • Recognize and articulate the communication principles and processes involved in creating and sustaining meaning
  • Recognize, articulate, and demonstrate the influence and power of messages
  • Demonstrate effective communication, in both written and spoken form.
  • Apply theoretical, conceptual, and skills-based course knowledge to experiential learning environment(s) and/or professional situations
  • Communicate strategically

Program Specific Information

Because oral communication is an integral part of most courses in the program, students must be able to communicate clearly in English. International students must achieve a minimum TOEFL score: CBT 230/PBT 575/IBT 88.