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Sociology, Minor


The sociology minor requires 6 sociology classes.

Choices for Sociology

SOC 150Principles of Sociology3
SOC 151Social Problems and Social Policy3
SOC 171Special Topics3
SOC 201Social Problems & Policy3
SOC 222Penology3
SOC 231Love, Interpersonal Relationships, And Family3
SOC 233Work and Occupations3
SOC 237The City: Conflict and Change3
SOC 238Environment and Society3
SOC 260Men and Women in Contemporary Society3
SOC 262Dynamics of Race and Ethnicity in Contemporary Societies3
SOC 263Anthropology3
SOC 265Sociology of Law3
SOC 270Special Topics in Sociology1-3
SOC 271Special Topics3
SOC 272Special Topics3
SOC 273Special Topics3
SOC 274Special Topics3
SOC 275Special Topics3
SOC 276Special Topics3
SOC 277Special Topics3
SOC 278Special Topics3
SOC 301Principles of Statistics3
SOC 302Statistical Analysis and Data Base Design3
SOC 305Society and The Individual3
SOC 306Complex Organizations in Contemporary Society3
SOC 308Social Inequality in Contemporary Society3
SOC 309Health, Healing, And Health Care3
SOC 310Sociological Theory3
SOC 312Social Movements in Contemporary Society3
SOC 320Delinquency and Juvenile Justice3
SOC 329Gender and the Law3
SOC 335Mass Incarceration: Causes, Consequences, and Alternatives3
SOC 340Sociological Internship and Practice3-4
SOC 341Sociological Practice II3
SOC 345Restorative Justice3
SOC 350Violence in Society3
SOC 355Drugs, Crime, and Justice3
SOC 370Special Topics in Sociology1-3
SOC 371Special Topics3
SOC 372Special Topics3
SOC 373Special Topics3
SOC 374Special Topics3
SOC 375Special Topics3
SOC 376Special Topics3
SOC 377Special Topics3
SOC 379Special Topics3
SOC 385Theories of Deviance3
SOC 387Gender Crime & Justice3
SOC 395Ethical Issues-Policing & CRJ3
SOC 416Criminology3
SOC 444Research in SOC I1-3
SOC 445Research in SOC II1-3
SOC 470Special Topics in Sociology3
SOC 480Research Methods3
SOC 481Research Seminar3