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Urban Public Health & Nutrition

Mission Statement

Reflecting Lasallian values and the mission of La Salle University, the mission of the Department of Urban Public Health and Nutrition is to educate students from diverse backgrounds in the disciplines of public health and nutrition science so they are equipped to prevent and treat disease and to promote the health and wellness of individuals, families, and urban populations. We accomplish our mission through teaching, research, service, and evidence-based practice, while focusing on the equitable treatment of individuals and populations.

Department Goals

Urban Public Health and Nutrition Department Goals

  • Graduates meet the competencies required by the accrediting bodies of their respective professions and are prepared for entry level positions and/or further studies in their fields.
  • Faculty will have expertise in Public Health and/or Nutrition, especially public health and nutrition in urban communities, and will convey this expertise via effective teaching and student advising.

Research Goals

  • Students and faculty will engage in Public Health and Nutrition research and scholarly activities.

Service Goals

  • Students and faculty will engage in service activities within the University and for the larger community. Particular emphasis is placed on service opportunities addressing the needs of urban communities.

Workforce Development Goal

  • The programs in the Department will provide training and workforce development opportunities that meet the needs of the Public Health and Nutrition professionals serving urban communities.

Diversity Goal

  • Within the available applicant pool, the Department will strive to increase or maintain the proportion of underrepresented racial/ethnic groups in program faculty and students.