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Translation: English/Spanish-Spanish/English, Certificate

Program Description

The curriculum for the CIT (Certificate in Translation) is designed to address three of the principal environments in which translation (English/Spanish-Spanish/English) is currently needed. These include legal, health care, and business environments. In addition, governing translation principles are also studied for application to language environments not covered by the program.


The mission of the Certificate in Translation program is to serve the translation needs of Hispanics in the Philadelphia region and beyond in legal, healthcare, and business environments.

Program Goals

The goals of the program are as follows:

  • To familiarize students with the concept of translation studies by reading informed criticism in the theoretical field, thereby contextualizing the discipline in general terms.
  • To enhance the student’s knowledge of Spanish.
  • To provide limited training in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, as these skills are required in most fields using translators in the United States.
  • To develop the specialized vocabulary and concepts needed to work bilingually in law, business, and medicine.
  • To gain an inside and outside perspective of the Hispanic and Anglo cultures, so as to grasp the translator’s place in a professional setting.
  • To assist in the training of students in multi-competencies for employment purposes.
  • To keep pace with the need for linguistic specialists.
  • To offer graduate credits, representing academic achievement, to our students for the marketing of their translating skills.

Program Specific Information

The program is flexible. The order of the courses is only prescribed at the beginning and the end of the program. Intervening courses may be taken in the order desired by the student.