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Accounting BSBA (Traditional/Day)

Program Description

Accounting, “the Language of Business,” is the core of any business enterprise. Accountants are responsible for communicating and interpreting financial information as a basis for strategic decision-making.

Accounting includes specialties that focus on specific and unique aspects of the financial institution. Cost Management, Information Systems, Auditing, Taxation, and Multinational Operations are areas of advanced study that prepare students to function as executives responsible for business decision-making in both the profit and not-for-profit enterprises. Students can also earn six credits toward graduation by participating in an Experiential Education Program.

Since almost all organizations need accounting information, positions range from manufacturing firms to service industries to hospitals and other not-for profits and all levels of governmental operations. Graduates function as CPAs, internal auditors, bankers, financial planners, budget specialists, merger and acquisition consultants, and tax planners.

Students are encouraged to join one of the three professional student organizations: the Accounting Association, Beta Alpha Accounting Honor Society, and the student chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants.

Why Take This Major?

Accountants are key business partners in any business organization helping insure that business decisions are based on sound financial information. Since accounting is a key component of all businesses and industries, there are many job possibilities for accounting graduates. Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), internal auditors, financial planners, merger and acquisition consultants, and tax planners are just some of the possible career paths.