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MSC 101  Intro to Military Science I  

This course is an introduction to the Army ROTC program. Course material includes an introduction to the organization and functions of the U.S. Army. The course focuses on the customs and traditions of the Army, oral presentations, and basic military skills. In addition, students will be introduced to leadership and management theories to prepare them to work with and lead others effectively and efficiently.

Number of Credits: 1  
MSC 102  Intro to Military Science II  

This course is a continuation of MSC 101. Provides additional instruction in military-related subjects of general student interest. This course includes an introduction to time management, writing and preparing effective presentations, administering physical fitness programs, and practical experience in military leadership.

Number of Credits: 1-3  
MSC 201  Fundamentals of Leadership I  

This course is designed to examine the basic leadership and management functions in relationship to individual and group behavior. Orientation is toward the application of basic leadership and management theory and the analysis of factors that provide the foundation for organizational success. This course also introduces the student to advanced individual military skills and applied leadership techniques necessary to be an effective junior leader in the U.S. Army.

Number of Credits: 1-2  
MSC 202  Fundamentals of Leadership II  

This course expands on the topics addressed the previous semester, focusing on preparing students to enter the advanced course in their junior year.

Number of Credits: 1-2  
MSC 270  Special Topics  

Number of Credits: 3  
MSC 301  Leadership & Management I  

This course is designed to expose the student to tactical operations and teach the duties and responsibilities of small unit leaders. Course work includes planning, coordinating, and controlling small unit operations and preparation of oral and written operation orders. *Note: This class is held at Drexel University.

Number of Credits: 3  
Prerequisites: Must have completed MSC 101, 102, 201, and 202 or ROTC Leaders Training Course.  
MSC 302  Leadership & Management II  

This course is designed to build on the technical and tactical operations taught in MSC 301. Emphasis is on developing and supervising small unit missions. All course work supports and prepares the student for the ROTC Warrior Forge in the summer. *Note: This class is held at Drexel University.

Number of Credits: 3  
Prerequisites: Must have completed MSC 301.  
MSC 401  Leadership Dimensions Practice  

This course is designed to introduce the student to the Army training philosophy and mission-focused planning process. The student will learn how to prepare for and conduct training, how to evaluate training, and how to conduct an after-action review of a training session. The second portion of the course deals with leadership counseling and the ethical aspects of leadership, including the ethical decision-making model and the ethical challenges facing the military leader. *Note: This course is held at Drexel University.

Number of Credits: 3  
Prerequisites: Completion of MSC 301 and 302, or special permission of the Professor of Military Science.  
MSC 402  Contemporary Military Policy  

The course will present the full range of the judicial system used in the military, and the Army personnel, logistic, and resource management systems; personal financial management; and the various support agencies and activities available to assist military units and individuals. The aim of the course is the final preparation of the student for his or her initial assignment as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. *Note: This course is held at Drexel University.

Number of Credits: 3  
Prerequisites: Completion of MSC 401.