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Criminal Justice, B.A.

Program Description

The Criminal Justice Program seeks to provide students with the knowledge, skills and critical thinking capabilities necessary for successful careers in the criminal justice field.

Criminal Justice is an inter-disciplinary social science that is concerned with issues of crime and punishment and the processes and agencies involved in addressing crime. It includes scholarship related to a variety of fields. For example, sociology aids in understanding what social factors underlie criminal behavior, political science lends perspectives on the processes of criminalization and punishment, psychology helps to clarify the roots of certain types of deviant behavior, and legal studies presents foundations for appreciating what can be criminalized and the rationales for various responses to crime.

Why Take This Major?

At La Salle, Criminal Justice is a demanding, high-quality program built on theory and a serious grounding in the liberal arts as a pathway to a variety of professional careers.

  • Small class size
  • Faculty accessible to students, in accord with La Salle's goal of "touching the hearts of our students"
  • Challenging curriculum
  • Emphasis on theoretical insights and practical applications
  • A multi-disciplinary approach, with an emphasis on social justice and social service
  • Solid preparation for graduate or professional school