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Information Technology, B.S.

Program Description

The Department offers three separate programs in computing. Two of these programs provide a foundation in the discipline of computer science, one leading to a B.A. and the other to a B.S. The remaining program leads to a B.S. in Information Technology.

The primary goal of these programs is the preparation of graduates for direct entry into the computing profession with sufficient background to make continuing contributions in the field. The B.S. in Computer Science program provides the foundation for remaining current in computer science. It requires courses in related fields and provides breadth and depth in the discipline. The B.A. program is applications-oriented and has fewer required courses to provide greater flexibility. The information technology major is designed for those students interested in the study of networks and client support systems.

Mission Statement

The mission of the La Salle's Information Technology (IT) program extends the University's mission with an emphasis on the success of its students. IT students establish a foundation aware of theoretical IT paradigms coupled with current IT practices. This groundwork will provide a basis of continued learning in this dynamic, emerging field. Students analyze technological problems, design team-based solutions to real-world problems, and develop communication plans for both IT experts and non-experts. Students are encouraged to complete internships as well as participate in industry-based research opportunities to understand the broad application of technology within society. Students completing this program are prepared to continue as IT industry professionals and researchers.

4+1 Graduate Program Option

During their senior year, students with a GPA of at least 3.0 may apply for the 4+1 BS/MS Information Technology/Cybersecurity option. Students who are accepted into this program will receive their bachelor's degree once they complete its requirements and will then begin the master's program immediately upon graduation. Up to three courses from the undergraduate program will then count towards the completion of the masters degree. Students must earn a grade of B or higher in any course that is being transferred to the graduate program. Eligible masters programs are as follows:

  • Cybersecurity (CYB) - a total of 8 additional classes (24 credits) are required to complete the M.S. in CYB; this degree can be completed in as few as four semesters after graduation (approximately 15 months)

Why Take This Major?

Students who pursue Information Technology as a major are those who enjoy working with computer hardware, networks, security, and databases. Graduates pursue careers as network administrators, computer security specialists, database administrators, and web programmers.