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Actuarial Science, B.S.

Program Description

The B.S. in Actuarial Science is designed to prepare students for the actuarial profession. Actuaries utilize tools from mathematics, statistics, and business to measure and manage risk in industries such as insurance, banking, investments, energy, and e-commerce. The program's curriculum prepares students to take two actuarial society exams while enrolled and to obtain actuarial society credit in all three Validation by Educational Experience areas. Students who ultimately choose not to pursue the actuarial profession can apply the problem-solving and technical skills gained as analysts in industries such as those mentioned above.

Why Take This Major?

As is the case for the mathematics major, a major in Actuarial Science helps one to think logically, to formulate complex problems in a well-defined manner, to critically analyze data, and to determine optimal solutions to real-world problems. In addition, the Actuarial Science major provides students with a well-rounded background in areas of Economics, Business, and Finance to better prepare them for careers in the field.