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Health Care Administration (HCA)

HCA 370  Intro Org & Mgt  

This course focuses on an analysis of the health care system in the United
States including trends in multi-hospital systems, behavioral health
care, and managed care. Managerial approaches to system integration,
financing, and total quality management are also examined.

Number of Credits: 3  
HCA 371  Legal Aspcts HC Deliv  

Number of Credits: 3  
HCA 459  Plan & Policy Analysis  

This course provides a strategic analysis of the various external, competitive,
and internal variables which influence health care management are
discussed. Students rely upon case analysis to examine issues involved in
strategy formulation and strategy implementation.

Number of Credits: 3  
Prerequisites: HCA 370 (or taken concurrently).  
HCA 460  Intern Hlth Care Adm  

This Seminar course is designed as a virtual case analysis experience.
Students will select a regional firm and confer with executives on strategic
issues affecting their organization. Cases may include acute care
organizations, managed care firms, non profits, and pharmaceutical firms
in the region.

Number of Credits: 3  
Prerequisites: HCA 459