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Forensic Studies (FST)

FST 101  Intro to Forensic Studies  

This course provides students with an introduction to forensic science
in its broadest sense, encompassing classical criminalistics as well as
the related laboratory subjects. The role of physical scientists as well
as social scientists will be explored. The course provides students with
an overview of the complexity and depth of forensics and the necessary
foundations in forensic concepts and procedures to pursue specialized
forensic courses within the disciplines of the social and physical
sciences. The course employs hands-on learning activities, group work,
and the traditional lecture format. Sample topics include introduction
to forensics, the crime scene, collection of physical evidence, legal considerations,
ethical considerations, the criminal justice system, and areas
of forensic specialization.

Number of Credits: 3  
FST 370  Special Topics  

Number of Credits: 3  
FST 401  Capstone in Forensic Studies  

Students will integrate knowledge, skills, and techniques learned in prerequisite
courses through several case studies that involve mock or virtual
crime scenes. In mock crime scenes, students, in teams, will collect
evidence and take photographs. Students will be provided the evidence
in virtual case studies. They will then prepare evidence for scientific
analysis, analyze the evidence to determine the viability of the case,
write reports, prepare to testify in court, and conduct mock trials. Each
case study will include ethical components. Site visits to local, state,
and/or federal crime labs will supplement the case studies.

Number of Credits: 4  
Prerequisites: Completion of all other courses in the Forensic Studies minor.