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Mathematics and Computer Science

Mission Statement

Our departmental goals are in accord with the goals of the University. Learning has the highest priority in the department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Our mission is to help our students to observe reality with precision, to think logically, and to communicate effectively. With the ultimate goal of developing all of our students as self-learners, our faculty strives to research and implement teaching strategies that effectively serve all of our students.

Students should leave La Salle prepared to begin professional careers in mathematics, computer science, or information technology. In addition, students who demonstrate the ability and determination to continue academically in their chosen field are prepared to pursue graduate studies. To these ends, we work to provide a classical foundation in the core of the discipline, introduce current theories, research areas, and technologies, and demonstrate the links between theory and its embodiment in the world of applications. Our programs do not provide a study that simply concludes with degree completion. Rather, the programs are designed to generate the questions that lead to continued learning. We expect that participants in our programs, both students and faculty, will expand their thirst for learning and develop a deeper appreciation and respect for related disciplines.