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Law (LAW)

LAW 300  Approaches to The Law of Contracts  

In one's personal and professional life, important opportunities, risks and relationships will be memorialized or managed using contracts. This course explores contracts including e-contracts and those governed by the Uniform Commercial Code. Topics include contract formation, defenses to formation, breach of contract, defenses, remedies, and issues applicable to internet agreements. The course also incorporates practical experience on reading, interpreting, drafting, and negotiating contracts. This course is open to all majors on campus.

Number of Credits: 3  
When Offered: Fall  
LAW 341  Sports Law  

Sports occupy a central place in modern society. They constitute a significant sector in the economy and an important form of cultural expression. This course examines the legal issues that arise in both amateur and professional sports. Topics include agency, contracts, torts, antitrust, Title IX, discrimination, drugs, and intellectual property. Class participation will be a significant portion of a student's grade in this interactive and discussion-oriented course. (cross-listed as MGT 341)

Number of Credits: 3  
When Offered: Spring  
How Offered: Face to Face  
LAW 371  Special Topics  

Number of Credits: 3  
LAW 372  Special Topics  

Number of Credits: 3  
LAW 444  Independent Study  

Number of Credits: 3