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Psychology, Minor


PSY 155Introduction to Psychology3
5 PSY elective courses; two must be at the 300/400 level15
Total Credits18

Choices for Psychology

PSY 155Introduction to Psychology3
PSY 170Special Topics3
PSY 171Special Topics3
PSY 210Developmental Psychology3
PSY 215Adult Development and Aging3
PSY 220Psychopathology3
PSY 225Social Psychology3
PSY 230Industrial and Organizational Psychology3
PSY 242Introduction to Language and Communication3
PSY 245Forensic Psychology3
PSY 250Human Sexuality3
PSY 255Psychology of Women3
PSY 260Sport Psychology3
PSY 265Stress and Health3
PSY 270Special Topics3
PSY 271Special Topics3
PSY 272Special Topic3
PSY 273Special Topics3
PSY 275Special Topics3
PSY 276Special Topics3
PSY 310Statistics I3
PSY 311Statistics II3
PSY 330Research Design I4
PSY 331Research Design II4
PSY 340Psychological Assessment3
PSY 342Speech and Language Development3
PSY 350Counseling Theories and Principles3
PSY 360Health Psychology3
PSY 370Special Topics3
PSY 371Special Topics3
PSY 372Special Topics3
PSY 375Special Topics1-3
PSY 379Special Topics3
PSY 405Emotions3
PSY 410Theories of Learning3
PSY 415Cognitive Psychology3
PSY 420Biological Psychology3
PSY 425Theories of Personality3
PSY 430History and Systems of Psychology3
PSY 444Research in PSY I1-3
PSY 445Research in PSY II1-3
PSY 470Special Topics1-3
PSY 471Special Topics3
PSY 480Seminar3
PSY 481Seminar3
PSY 490Psychological Research3
PSY 491Psychological Research1-3
PSY 495Internship3
PSY 496Internship3