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Criminal Justice, Minor


Any six CRJ classes will satisfy the CRJ minor.

Choices for Criminal Justice

CRJ 151Social Problems and Social Policy3
CRJ 161Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CRJ 201Social Problems & Policy3
CRJ 231Love, Marriage, & Parenting3
CRJ 237City:Conflict/Change3
CRJ 261Criminology3
CRJ 265Sociology of Law3
CRJ 270Special Topics3
CRJ 271Special Topics3
CRJ 272Special Topics3
CRJ 273Special Topics3
CRJ 274Special Topics3
CRJ 275Special Topics3
CRJ 276Special Topics3
CRJ 277Special Topics3
CRJ 278Special Topics3
CRJ 280Criminal Law3
CRJ 320Delinquency and Juvenile Justice3
CRJ 324Policing: Theory & Dynamics3
CRJ 325Criminal Courts3
CRJ 326Institutional and Community Corrections3
CRJ 329Gender and the Law3
CRJ 330Constitutional Procedures in Policing3
CRJ 335Mass Incarceration: Causes, Consequences, and Alternatives3
CRJ 340Crimes of The Powerful3
CRJ 345Restorative Justice3
CRJ 350Violence in Society3
CRJ 355Drugs, Crime, and Justice3
CRJ 358Crime Mapping3
CRJ 370Special Topics in Criminal Justice3-4
CRJ 371Special Topics3
CRJ 372Special Topics3
CRJ 373Special Topics3
CRJ 374Special Topics3
CRJ 375Special Topics3
CRJ 376Special Topics3
CRJ 377Special Topics3
CRJ 378Special Topics3
CRJ 379Special Topics3
CRJ 385Theories of Deviance3
CRJ 387Gender, Crime, And Justice3
CRJ 395Ethical Issues-Policing & CRJ3
CRJ 444Research in CRJ I1-3
CRJ 445Research in CRJ II1-3
CRJ 450Co-op Education3
CRJ 451Co-op Education II3
CRJ 470Special Topics in Criminal Justice3
CRJ 472Special Topics3
CRJ 480Research Methods3
CRJ 481Criminal Justice Internship3
CRJ 482Criminal Justice Internship3
CRJ 483Criminal Justice Research3
CRJ 486Crim Justice Internship6
CRJ 495Senior Seminar: Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice3