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Biology, B.S.

Program Description

The Biology Department of La Salle University is dedicated to the Lasallian tradition of excellence in teaching. We are committed to developing the full intellectual, personal, and social potential of our students in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation.

The faculty of La Salle's Biology Department serves qualified students interested in pursuing further education and careers in the life sciences, health professions,  and science education. In addition, we provide for non-science majors a variety of foundation level courses that explore biological issues of interest and concern to the general public.

La Salle has a long and proud tradition of training undergraduates for admission to health profession schools. We believe it important to provide these undergraduates with courses that emphasize the general principles of the life sciences and that address a diverse range of current scientific issues. We are equally committed to preparing students for graduate work in the life sciences, for careers in scientific/clinical technology, or for careers in science education by providing them with broadly-based theoretical and laboratory training. We feel the development of critical thinking skills and the establishment of a firm understanding of the foundational principles of the life sciences are the best preparation for more specialized professional and graduate training.

We believe the academic experience should provide an opportunity for mutual advancement and sharing of excitement for science through supportive yet challenging dialogue among faculty and students.

Why Take This Major?

The Biology program fosters a deep understanding of foundational knowledge in the life sciences and encourages students to apply this understanding in laboratory research projects that develop critical thinking skills and scientific reasoning. This training allows students to pursue a broad range of opportunities related to the life sciences including medical or graduate school and careers in the health professions, scientific/clinical technology, or science education.