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Biochemistry, B.S.

Program Description

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry embraces and supports the overall mission of La Salle University. We strive to create and maintain a nurturing, supportive environment for both students and faculty as we advance our understanding of biochemistry and its application to the world around us. Our goal is to establish a community of curious and knowledgeable active learners. Implicit in the mission is a profound respect for the individual learner and an emphasis on the ethical responsibility of scientific inquiry towards the broader local, national and global communities.

Why Take This Major?

Our graduates have attended some of the best graduate schools in the country including Princeton, Harvard, Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, and Caltech. Many of our students have become physicians, lawyers, or teachers, while other graduates have obtained lucrative employment in the biochemical industry.

No matter what their chosen career path, our graduates excel because our department trains them in the critical thinking and problem solving. As a liberal arts university, La Salle has a curriculum that offers a solid background in the fundamentals of chemical and biochemical sciences coupled with a broad-based education. Students are made aware of the interconnections of biochemistry with the other sciences and also with the social sciences, business, and the humanities. With such an education, our graduates leave La Salle as dynamic, adaptable, and prepared individuals ready for almost anything they will face in the future.