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Education, B.A. - Grades 4th thru 8th

Program Description

Middle-Level certification students are preparing for Pennsylvania Instructional I certification in grades 4–8. Upon completion of the program and certification, they will be able to teach any subject in grades 4–6 and the concentration content area (English/ Language Arts; Mathematics; or Social Studies) in grades 7 and 8. Middle-Level Social Studies majors will also minor in American Studies. Students in this program may also choose to earn a Pennsylvania certification in special education (PreK-8).

Why Take This Major?

This major prepares students to teach in regular education or special education classrooms. Given that schools are in need of highly qualified educators who can work with students in regular education, inclusion, and special education classroom, this major makes graduates marketable to schools both locally and globally. Elementary teachers also have the opportunity to impact the lives of children early and set a positive tone for later educational experiences.