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Education, B.A. - Pre-K thru 4th

Program Description

Early elementary majors are also required to major in American Studies, ​unless given special permission by their Education Advisor and Education Department Chair to select another major. La Salle University's  program of study is accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Successful completion leads to recommendations for Instructional I certification in early elementary education (PreK–4). A Department faculty member advises and meets individually with each student during pre-registration throughout the four-year program. This process ensures that all students are following the prescribed sequence of courses leading to a B.A. and a recommendation for certification.

Why Take This Major?

This major prepares students to teach in regular education. Given that schools are in need of highly qualified educators who can work with students in regular education, inclusion, and special education classroom, this major makes graduates highly desirable candidates for schools both locally and globally. Teachers in the early grades have the opportunity to impact the lives of children by setting a positive tone for later educational experiences.