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Education Studies, B.A.

Program Description

Education Studies is designed for students who want to apply knowledge and strategies of teaching and learning in non-school settings that do not require teaching certification. It is the most flexible undergraduate major offered by the Department of Education at La Salle University. Each Education Studies major will enroll in one or more field experiences that serve as a culminating activity directed toward preparing Education Studies majors for entry into the field of education.

This degree is designed to introduce students to the meaning and purpose of education including the nature and purpose of liberal arts. The program is broadly conceived to acquaint students with a historical view of the academic discipline as well as practical understanding of teaching and learning in a variety of contexts both in and outside of traditional schools.Through careful advising, Education Studies students will select another major to satisfy the goals of the individual students.

Why Take This Major?

Students majoring in Education Studies gain knowledge enabling them to be informed citizens, teachers, and parents who understand how to interact constructively with educational organizations and schools. The Education Studies major amplifies the Lasallian mission of justice and community engagement. Grounded in the principles and practices of social justice and equity, this degree prepares students to center the notion of community by privileging the linguistic and cultural resources of their educational context, valuing engaged scholarship and advocacy practices, and seeking leadership opportunities to make transformative change.

Education Studies majors have an expanded career field outside of the traditional PK-12 classroom. Graduates can seek employment in the following areas:

  • The public sector, local, state or federal governments.
  • The private, for-profit sector, including industries & trade associations.
  • The public or private, not-for-profit sector, hospitals, museums, foundations, associations, or charitable organizations.

Education Studies majors also have the potential to explore entrepreneurial endeavors in education by dual majoring in Business.