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Black Studies, Minor

Program Description

In alignment with the Lasallian mission “to identify inequity and exclusion created by society, and actively respond not merely with charity, but with courage, creativity, and compassion,” Black Studies at La Salle focuses on the Black diaspora in the Americas and responds to “deficit, difference, and dependency theories of Black people’s supposed inferiority” by emphasizing Black agency and anti-racist frameworks and scholarship.

Why Take This Minor?

This minor enables students to explore important issues such as systemic racism, social justice, health and wellness, education, intersectionality, and cultural contributions, as they relate to members of the Black diaspora in the Americas. Black Studies can complement any major by broadening and deepening their knowledge of the Americas as well as equipping students with tools to help them address issues of systemic racism and social inequities and enable them to be agents of change in the global society.