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Philosophy, Minor


6 PHL courses are required for the minor.

Select one of the following:3
The Examined Life
Ethics & The Good Life
Beauty and the Soul
God: Beliefs, Proofs, & Doubts
Five 200-400 level courses15
Total Credits18

Choices for Philosophy

PHL 206Social and Political Philosophy3
PHL 212Current Ethical Issues3
PHL 213Phil Of Sports3
PHL 222Love and Human Sexuality3
PHL 223Perspectives on Death3
PHL 260Philosophy Explores Photography3
PHL 261Reason & Reality3
PHL 264Critical Thinking3
PHL 265What Is Art?3
PHL 266Philosophy Looks at Film3
PHL 267Philosophical Approaches to God3
PHL 268Topics in Eastern Philosophy3
PHL 269Work & Culture3
PHL 270Special Topics3
PHL 271Special Topics3
PHL 272Special Topics3
PHL 273Special Topics3
PHL 274Special Topics3
PHL 275Special Topics3
PHL 276Special Topics3
PHL 303American Philosophy3
PHL 306Environmental Philosophy3
PHL 308The Philosophy of History3
PHL 309God, Reality, Heaven & Hell: Thomas Aquinas3
PHL 310Existentialism3
PHL 311Problems of Knowledge3
PHL 313Metaphysics3
PHL 323Philosophy of Science3
PHL 325Symbolic Logic3
PHL 326The Dawn of Reason: Ancient Greek Philosophy3
PHL 327Angels & Demons: The Romance of Medieval Philosophy3
PHL 328(Early) Modern Philosophy3
PHL 329Contemporary Philosophy3
PHL 330The Great Philosophers3
PHL 331The Great Philosophers3
PHL 332The Great Philosophers3
PHL 333The Great Philosophers3
PHL 334The Great Philosophers3
PHL 335The Great Philosophers3
PHL 336The Great Philosophers3
PHL 339Gender, Body, And Culture3
PHL 341Minds, Brains, And Zombies3
PHL 350Business Ethics3
PHL 370Special Topics3
PHL 371Special Topics3
PHL 372Special Topics3
PHL 373Special Topics3
PHL 374Special Topics3
PHL 375Special Topics3
PHL 377Special Topics3
PHL 379Special Topics3-4
PHL 444Research in PHL I1-3
PHL 445Research in PHL II1-3
PHL 470Special Topics3
PHL 480Seminar3