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Religion, B.A.

Program Description

The Religion and Theology Department recognizes that religion is a dimension of the human experience that grows out of the fundamental human desire for meaning and is one of the most significant geopolitical and cultural forces in the 21st century. Accordingly, we prepare students for life in the multicultural and religiously plural world by equipping them with practical, transferable, and professional skills along with self-reflective and socially conscious insight into the human condition. This includes appreciating diversity within and among traditions; engaging ideas and others through dialogue and action; and collaborating with others in identifying and responding to social problems. 

Members of the Religion & Theology Department seek to embody the four commitments of a Lasallian education through the following values:

  • We practice curiosity by asking questions in order to better understand, focusing on what is in front of us when it comes to our students, maintaining active research agendas, and making creative contributions to our respective fields of study.
  • We practice empathy through listening and active presence with groups within and beyond our campus who do not yet feel at home in our University community.
  • We practice pluralism by creating spaces and events that cultivate religious diversity and multiculturalism, by using diverse methodological practices in our research and teaching, and by going out into the community to encounter and reflect on difference.
  • We use our imagination by thinking with our senses, going beyond the boundaries of the department to dream with others about what might be possible, fostering creativity on a shoestring budget, and designing aesthetic expressions of who we are and what we do.
  • We build community by providing a place of welcome and inclusion in classroom and departmental spaces, and cultivating relationships within and beyond the boundaries of the University.

Why Take This Major?

When asked what he wished he had studied at university, former Secretary of State John Kerry responded that studying religion would have been the major that would have prepared him for the diverse world of the 21st century. Religion and Theology majors and minors at La Salle University learn critical knowledge and skills for engaging with and understanding difference today, as well as for tapping faith-based resources for responding effectively to social injustice. Religion and Theology majors and minors have gone on to graduate school in religion and theology, as well as law school. Our graduates are employed in the non-profit sector as social workers and community organizers. They are ministers, teachers, and even project managers in the business world.