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International Business, BSBA

Program Description

Every business is a global business in the interconnected 21st century. From the smallest e-commerce entrepreneur to the global company on multiple continents, every business has the potential to expand its reach beyond a local operation and capitalize on emerging opportunities, no matter where they are. International business majors will learn how to assess and understand this dynamic and multifaceted environment and develop essential skills in ethical and cultural awareness. 

To major in international business at La Salle, you must meet the requirements of either a second major (this can be outside the School of Business) or a minor in Risk Management and Insurance (RMI). Students with a second major outside the School of Business must fulfill all business core, math, economics and psychology/sociology courses that are required of business majors. A second major in a functional business area, such as accounting, marketing and finance, is important for an initial career placement and is emphasized more in the early stages of business careers. International business skills and knowledge are generally utilized after mastering these functional skills.

Why Take This Major?

International business is an interdisciplinary program. In addition to courses in business, students are encouraged to take courses from political science, education and economics. Experiencing a foreign culture first-hand is also an essential requirement.

  • La Salle international business majors has a well-rounded education in accounting, business systems and analytics, finance, management and leadership, and marketing.
  • Students are required to have a second major, or a relevant minor, which increases their career opportunities.
  • Explorers studying international business must have an international experience fulfilled by short-term travel study courses, a semester abroad, or an approved international internship.
  • Professors who teach in the program have vast international professional and educational experience. Many also lead students on short-term travel study courses to Europe, Asia and South America.

International business prepares students for a variety of career choices in culturally-diverse businesses in all industries, whether here at home or at an international location.

Career opportunities for those with an International Business degree include:

  • Compliance Specialist
  • Import/Export Agent
  • International Finance and Banking
  • International Management Consultant
  • International Sales Representative
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Trade Specialist