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Environmental Science, B.S.

Program Description

The Environmental Science Program offers a specialized, integrated approach to global issues surrounding sustainability, the use of natural resources, how human activity impacts ecosystems, how such activity can cause degradation, and what can be done to mitigate this impact.

Why Take This Major?

Our program is designed to place graduates into positions in industry, energy and environmental, governmental and private, as well as in graduate programs (science or policy/management), and service institutions and agencies (Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, etc). Students (have been) and will be qualified to work in fields such as oil, gas and coal, alternative energy, environmental management, resource management, land-use planning, environmental policy, and environmental law (upon completion of law school). The Environmental Science program can also serve as a pre-teaching opportunity that prepares students for certification in education. We also understand the need to enhance critical thinking skills and have designed the environmental science curricula to meet this challenge by requiring an eclectic array of courses from many non-science related departments.