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Economics, B.A.

Program Description

The Economics Department is committed to providing students with a rigorous and relevant economic education necessary for informed citizenship. The Department is committed to teaching and research, believing that research informs what is taught and how it is taught. For its majors, the Department seeks to develop a deep understanding of how markets and economies work and do not work. Further, the Department seeks to assure that majors and minors are capable of applying the tools of economic reasoning to consider questions of policy, efficiency, and equity.

Why Take This Major?

Economics is a major which provides students analytical tools to improve decision making and to address real-world problems. This major offers room for double-majoring or multiple minors, as well great flexibility for careers. Students learn to analyze and evaluate macroeconomic issues like the impact of fiscal and monetary policies on inflation and unemployment, and microeconomic issues like how firms decide how much to produce and the impact of taxes and regulations. Emphasis is also placed on considering what policies and actions are consistent with social justice. Some students go on to corporate and non-profit positions. Others go on to graduate programs in law, public policy, applied economics, and PhD programs in economics.