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Art History, Minor


The minor in Art History requires 6 courses:

ARTH 150Introduction to Art History3
Select four ARTH 200- or 300-level courses 112
Select one additional ART or ARTH 200- or 300-level course3
Total Credits18

With permission, ARTH 460 Internship or ARTH 480 Exhibition Seminar may count towards the minor.

 Choices for Art History

ARTH 201History of Art I, II3
ARTH 202History of Art I, II3
ARTH 203Ancient Art3
ARTH 205Medieval Art3
ARTH 213Italian Renaissance Art3
ARTH 216Baroque Art3
ARTH 21719th-Century Art3
ARTH 219Modern Art (Formerly ARTH 319)3
ARTH 220Contemporary Art3
ARTH 222American Art3
ARTH 223American Architecture3
ARTH 224Latin American Art3
ARTH 226Introduction to Museums3
ARTH 270Special Topics in Art History3
ARTH 271Special Topics3
ARTH 272Special Topics3
ARTH 273Special Topics3
ARTH 274Special Topics3
ARTH 275Special Topics3
ARTH 310History of Photography3
ARTH 312Art and Medicine3
ARTH 316Women and Art3
ARTH 320Topics in Contemporary Art3
ARTH 322Topics in American Art3
ARTH 340Art and Culture3
ARTH 370Special Topics in Art History3
ARTH 371Special Topics3
ARTH 372Special Topics3
ARTH 373Special Topics3
ARTH 375Special Topics3
ARTH 376Special Topics3
ARTH 380Research Topics in Art History3