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Finance, Minor for Accounting Majors


Accounting majors who wish to minor in Finance can do so. Students must successfully complete: 

ACC 202Intermediate Financial Accounting II4
BUS 206Financial Markets and Institutions: Principles and Applications3
BUS 208Fundamentals of Financial Management3
FIN 304Financial Decision-Making3
Two FIN elective courses at the 300/400 level6-8
Total Credits19-21

Choices for Finance

FIN 301Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance3
FIN 304Financial Decision-Making3
FIN 306The Financial Services Industry3
FIN 308Financial Services Marketing3
FIN 313Employee Benefit Planning3
FIN 314Risk Management3
FIN 350Cooperative Education (Junior Standing)3
FIN 351Co-op Education II3
FIN 360Part-Time Internship in Finance3
FIN 361Internship II3
FIN 365Full-Time Internship in Finance3
FIN 370Special Topics1-3
FIN 375Financial Statement Analysis3
FIN 401Investment Analysis3
FIN 403International Finance3
FIN 420Financial Management of The Insurance Firm3
FIN 444Independent Research1-3
FIN 445Independent Research3
FIN 450Cooperative Education (Senior Standing)3
FIN 460Part-Time Internship in Finance3
FIN 461Internship II3
FIN 465Full-Time Internship in Finance3
FIN 470Selected Topics in Finance3
FIN 471Special Topics3
FIN 472Special Topics3
FIN 480Selected Topics3
FIN 483Senior Seminar3