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History, Minor



Minors must take the two core History courses listed above, plus any four upper-level (300 and above) electives.

Advanced Placement credit in history is granted to students who score 4 or above.

Choices for History

HIS 302American Revolution3
HIS 303Asia/Africa/America from 1920 to the Present3
HIS 3053
HIS 307Latin America: The Colonial Period3
HIS 308Latin America In Revolution3
HIS 312Jacksonian America3
HIS 315Fiery Trial: Civil War3
HIS 322Introduction to Public History3
HIS 324History of Philadelphia3
HIS 326Oral History3
HIS 327Modern America3
HIS 328Women & History3
HIS 329History of US Women3
HIS 331America's Military Past3
HIS 333The American Immigrant3
HIS 334The Political Economy of Latin America3
HIS 337African-American History3
HIS 340Topics in U.S. History1-3
HIS 341Russia And America Since 17413
HIS 342History of the Westward Movement in America3
HIS 343Modern Europe: 1789 to 19143
HIS 347Presidential Elections3
HIS 348Muscovy & the Russian Empire3
HIS 349The United States in the Pacific Basin3
HIS 355Topics in Modern European History3
HIS 357Colonialism and Decolonization in the 20th Century3
HIS 359Europe To 14003
HIS 361Imperialism in the Modern World3
HIS 362World War II3
HIS 365Greek Civilization3
HIS 366The Roman Empire3
HIS 367The Early Middle Ages3
HIS 368The Later Middle Ages3
HIS 369The Holocaust3
HIS 370Special Topics in Third World Areas3
HIS 371Special Topics3
HIS 372Special Topics3
HIS 373Special Topics1-3
HIS 374Special Topics3
HIS 375Special Topics3
HIS 376Special Topics3
HIS 380Twentieth Century Europe3
HIS 381Muscovy and the Russian Empire, 1462-19173
HIS 38220th-Century Russia and the USSR3
HIS 383Modern Europe: 1789 To 19143
HIS 384Topics in African History3
HIS 385Modern Ireland3
HIS 389Political Economy of Africa3
HIS 390Traditional China To 18403
HIS 391Modern China, 1840 To the Present3
HIS 392Traditional Japan To 18403
HIS 393Modern Japan, 1840 To the Present3
HIS 394The Modern Middle East3
HIS 460Directed Readings3
HIS 475Internship3
HIS 481Seminar3