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Mission Statement

The mission of the Philosophy Department follows from the mission of La Salle University as a Lasallian institution of higher learning, that is, one within the Catholic tradition of humanistic education, one concerned with the practical application of this tradition in the personal and social orders, and one committed to excellence in teaching and learning.

Department Goals

  • To serve the community as a place of integration where the members of the community can work together to bring the parts of the Lasallian enterprise into explicit relationship to the whole university.
  • To help faculty and students to grow in learning (knowledge, understanding, wisdom) in matters both speculative and practical.
  • To promote the search for coherence and integration in intellectual, curricular, moral and political debate.
  • To introduce the students to the philosophical tradition that has shaped Western culture and to bring the tradition into relationship with the global resources of the past and the present.
  • To provide a locus through courses, texts and programs for the special consideration of those questions, solutions, authors and texts that have formed the Catholic philosophical tradition.
  • To bring critical judgment to bear on all the traditions and movements that make up philosophy.
  • To help the faculty and the students to develop in the skills of thinking, reading, writing, and conversing.