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Creative Writing, Minor


ENG 204Introduction to Creative Writing3
ENG 353Contemporary Literature3
Select two creative writing courses at the 300-400 level6
One additional literature course with ENG designation3
Any additional literature or creative writing course with ENG designation3
Total Credits18

NOTE: There is a maximum number of courses taken outside the department that students can count toward their 6 course minor in English or in Creative Writing. No more than 2 courses taken outside the department can count toward the 6 course minor. Such courses include AP credit, courses taken while studying abroad, courses taken at another institution, and Honors courses taught by faculty in English-- HON 111 Early Literary Traditions + HON 112 Modern Literary Traditions count as a single course: traditionally ENG 245 Survey of British Literature and Culture To 1798.

Choices for Creative Writing

ENG 204Introduction to Creative Writing3
ENG 210College Writing II: Research3
ENG 230Web Design and Development3
ENG 243Religion and Contemporary Literature3
ENG 245Survey of British Literature and Culture To 17983
ENG 246Survey of British Literature and Culture Since 17983
ENG 248Survey of American Literature and Culture To 18653
ENG 249Survey of American Literature and Culture Since 18653
ENG 250Literature and Culture3
ENG 253Acting I3
ENG 270Special Topics3
ENG 271Special Topics3
ENG 272Special Topics3
ENG 275Special Topics3
ENG 278Special Topics3
ENG 302Language and Prejudice3
ENG 303Writing for Business3
ENG 305Fiction Writing I3
ENG 306Poetry Writing3
ENG 307Playwriting3
ENG 308Legal Writing3
ENG 309Topics in Creative and Professional Writing I3
ENG 310Editing and Publishing3
ENG 315Young Adult Literature3
ENG 316Literary Theory and Criticism3
ENG 318Advanced Composition and the Writing Process3
ENG 324Shakespeare3
ENG 337Western World Literature3
ENG 338Non-Western World Literature3
ENG 344Journalism3
ENG 350Drama Workshop I3
ENG 351Gender and Ethnicity3
ENG 352Genre and Form3
ENG 353Contemporary Literature3
ENG 357Living American Writers3
ENG 367Literature and Film3
ENG 370Special Topics3
ENG 371Special Topics3
ENG 372Special Topics3
ENG 373Special Topics1-3
ENG 374Special Topics3
ENG 375Special Topics3
ENG 376Special Topics1-3
ENG 377Special Topics3
ENG 378Special Topics3
ENG 379Special Topics3