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Religion, Minor


REL 100Religion Matters3
REL 200Theories & Methods in R & T3
4 REL electives 112
Medieval Art
Italian Renaissance Art
Religion and Contemporary Literature
Writing for Business
Gender and Ethnicity
Contemporary Literature
World Literature, The Western Tradition
World Literature, The Non-Western Tradition
Latin America: The Colonial Period
Latin America In Revolution
HIS 338
The Early Middle Ages
The Holocaust
Modern Ireland
Introduction to Leadership and Global Understanding
Philosophical Approaches to God
God, Reality, Heaven & Hell: Thomas Aquinas
Angels & Demons: The Romance of Medieval Philosophy
21St-Century Terrorism: Understanding the Global Threat
POL 385
Dynamics of Human Development & Diversity (Formerly HBSE I)
Dynamics of People in Diverse Environments (Formerly HBSE II)
Loss and Grief
Total Credits18

One of which may come from the following list of approved courses outside of the department or those approved by the chair.