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Political Science, Minor


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Choices for Political Science

POL 120Governments Of Western Europe3
POL 151Principles Of American Government3
POL 170Special Topics3
POL 171Political Analysis3
POL 213Statistics for Economics and Political Science3
POL 215Managing The Public And Non-Profit Sectors3
POL 221Comparative Governmental Systems3
POL 240International Relations3
POL 260Survey of Political Thought I: The Foundations3
POL 270Special Topics and Independent Study3
POL 271Special Topics2-3
POL 272Special Topics3
POL 273Special Topics3
POL 274Special Topics3
POL 275Special Topics3
POL 276Special Topics3
POL 278Special Topics3
POL 279Special Topics3
POL 301State And Local Government3
POL 302American Constitutional Law I3
POL 303American Constitutional Law II3
POL 304Congress And The Legislative Process3
POL 305The President And The Executive Branch3
POL 310Political Parties And Elections3
POL 311Women In Politics3
POL 314Mass Media And Politics3
POL 316Environmental Law And Policy3
POL 319Courts, Judges, And Judging3
POL 322The Governments Of Eastern Europe And Russia3
POL 332Political Economy of Africa3
POL 334The Political Economy Of Latin America3
POL 341Globalization and International Decision Making3
POL 342U.S. Foreign Relations3
POL 343US Foreign Relations II3
POL 344The Middle East And The World3
POL 34821St-Century Terrorism: Understanding the Global Threat3
POL 361Survey of Political Thought II: Liberal Democracy and Its Critics3
POL 362Mdrn Pol Ideologies3
POL 363The American Political Tradition3
POL 370Special Topics and Independent Study3
POL 371Special Topics3
POL 372Special Topics3
POL 373Special Topics1-3
POL 374Special Topics3
POL 375Special Topics3
POL 376Special Topics3
POL 377Special Topics3
POL 379Special Topics3
POL 444Research in POL I1-3
POL 445Research in POL II1-3
POL 450Cooperative Educ3
POL 460Political Science Internship I3
POL 461Political Science Internship II2-3
POL 470Special Topics and Independent Study2-3
POL 471Special Topics3
POL 480Seminar I3
POL 481Seminar II3