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Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics, B.A.

Program Description

The Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) program is an interdisciplinary major designed to give students a broad training in preparation for a career in public affairs and the legal profession. This program is designed for students with a strong interest in political and economic theory. It requires students to select one of the three disciplines (Politics, Philosophy, or Economics) to survey and write a directed research project (PPE 480 Capstone) in that discipline. Through a study of these three areas, students will develop a broader, interconnected vision of political life and will integrate the material from all three in order to evaluate, develop, and analyze social, political, ethical, and economic policy issues around the globe.

Why Take This Major?

A thorough understanding in political science, philosophy, and economics helps students to analyze and evaluate information quickly and thoroughly. Our program trains students to address social, political, ethical, and economic policy issues seen globally. The program aims to broadly educate students in all three areas and later allow them focus on whichever of the three with propel them farther down their path to success. All of these skills and abilities will prepare our graduates for positions in international business, global nonprofits, public service, or public policy.