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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Mission Statement

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry embraces and supports the overall mission of La Salle University. We strive to create and maintain a nurturing, supportive environment for both students and faculty as we advance our understanding of chemistry and its application to the world around us. Our goal is to establish a community of curious and knowledgeable active learners. Implicit in the mission is a profound respect for the individual learner and an emphasis on the ethical responsibility of scientific inquiry towards the broader local, national and global communities.

Department Goals

  • The program will connect graduating students with opportunities in high impact industry jobs, graduate school, and pre-professional schools.
  • The faculty of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry will develop and implement effective and innovative teaching practices to engage students and encourage learning.
  • The program will cultivate and support a culture of chemistry and biochemistry research among its faculty and students.
  • The program will provide students with access to modern instrumentation and will emphasize student use of these instruments.
  • The program will provide students with opportunities to interact with the broader scientific community.
  • The program will actively seek out and maintain interdisciplinary research and teaching collaborations with other programs.
  • The program will establish, maintain, and seek input from an advisory board.
  • The program will foster an inclusive science culture dedicated to the success of all students and promoting diversity in both the classroom and the laboratory.
  • The program will provide students with a general, rigorous, and distinctive chemistry and biochemistry education that highlights problem-solving, creativity, exploration, critical thinking, and hands-on practice of chemical and biochemical sciences.