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Communication, B.A./M.A. (5-Year)

Program Description

The 5-year BA-MA program builds on our successful undergraduate major and our 20-plus years of graduate education to provide students with advanced training in professional and business communication, leading to the Master of Arts in Strategic Communication.

The Communication major blends theory with practice, built on a liberal arts education and supplemented with experiential learning opportunities within and outside the classroom. This approach is captured in our program motto: Think. Do.

The 5-year program allows students to dive deeper into communication issues, research, and contexts, and to apply that understanding to organizational contexts. Students are also able to earn graduate credit for internships.

Regardless of which concentration students pursued at the Bachelor's level, they are able to count up to two undergraduate courses (6 credit hours) toward the Master's degree, thus enabling them to finish the MA with just one additional year of school.

Communication majors start with a grounding in classes that provide a strong theoretical foundation for understanding a field that traces its roots to Aristotle but is as contemporary as today's Tweet. Students then can pursue tracks in Advertising, Interpersonal Communication, Media and Journalism, and Public Relations. These concentrations provide the communication knowledge and skills needed for meaningful personal, professional, and social relationships.

The major seeks to develop graduates who engage in informed civic participation and progressive leadership in professional and community settings. This goal reflects the Lasallian tradition of providing a practical education in the service of the greater good.

UG/Grad Dual Counted Courses

The following undergraduate classes may be double-counted toward the 5-year BA/MA program. Only those courses where the student earns a grade of B or better will double-count on the graduate transcript. 

Undergraduate Course Graduate Equivalent
COM 300: Communication Ethics COM 601: Professional Communication Ethics
COM 308: Communication Law and Ethics COM 670: Communication Graduate Elective Course
COM 387: Public Relations Cases and Campaigns COM 619: Public Relations Campaigns
COM 407: Public Relations Management Capstone COM 613: Approaches to Public Relations
COM 408: Media & Journalism Practicum COM 640: Professional Media Development
COM 409: Advertising Capstone COM 671: Communication Graduate Elective Course
COM 415: Applied Interpersonal Communication Capstone COM 672: Communication Graduate Elective Course

Why Take This Major?

In addition to the various reasons for pursuing a Communication major, the 5-year BA/MA in Strategic Communication offers the following advantages:

  • On average, people with a graduate communication degree start at salaries that are considerably higher than those with just a Bachelor's degree.
  • The unemployment rate for people with a graduate communication degree is half of that for those with just a communication BA.
  • Ninety-four percent of La Salle's One-Year MA graduates landed advanced jobs in the field soon after graduation.

In addition to those career benefits, there are some advantages for staying in school for a fifth year:

  • BA/MA student receive a discount on their graduate tuition costs.
  • BA/MA students will be able to earn an advanced degree after just 5 years of college
  • BA/MA students will be able to "double count" some upper level undergraduate courses for both their BA and MA.
  • BA/MA students will continue to be eligible for financial aid and housing during their 5th year.