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Management and Leadership, Minor


Required for minor in Management and Leadership (not available to students completing a major in the School of Business): 6 courses

BUS 203Organizational Behavior and Skill Development3
MGT 312Managing Human Resources: A Skills-Based Approach3
MGT 355Leadership: Theories and Real-World Challenges3
Select two of the following:6-7
Business Perspectives
Introduction to Financial Accounting
Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
One additional MGT course 13
Total Credits18-19

 Three-credit MGT course other than an internship or co-op.

Choices for Management

MGT 202Intro Operations Mgmt3
MGT 269Inside/Out3
MGT 272Special Topics3
MGT 275Project Management3
MGT 302Managing H R I3
MGT 303Managing H R II3
MGT 307Designing Organizations for Competitive Advantage3
MGT 309Management Perspectives on Globalization3
MGT 310Ethical and Legal Decision Making: Challenges for Workplace Leaders3
MGT 311Influence in Organizations: A Skills-Based Approach3
MGT 312Managing Human Resources: A Skills-Based Approach3
MGT 330Life Science Innovation4
MGT 340Introduction to Sport Management3
MGT 341Sports Law3
MGT 350Cooperative Education (Junior Standing)3
MGT 352Communication Team Env3
MGT 353Dispute Resolution3
MGT 354Growing A Business: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management3
MGT 355Leadership: Theories and Real-World Challenges3
MGT 356Managing in The Global Economy3
MGT 357Managing Cultural Diversity in The Workplace3
MGT 360Part-Time Internship in Management3
MGT 365Full-Time Internship in Management3
MGT 370Special Topics3
MGT 371Special Topics3
MGT 372Special Topics3
MGT 375Project Management3
MGT 377Special Topics3
MGT 378Special Topics3
MGT 381Internatl Business3
MGT 411Effective Teamwork and Leadership: A Skills-Based Approach3
MGT 444Independent Research3
MGT 450Cooperative Education (Senior Standing)3
MGT 460Part-Time Internship in Management3
MGT 464Management Skills Practicum1
MGT 465Full-Time Internship in Management3
MGT 471Special Topics3
MGT 474Special Topics3-4
MGT 478Special Topics3