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Mission Statement

In accordance with our belief that History is, as G.R. Elton once put it, “the only living laboratory we have of the human experience,” the History Department of La Salle University seeks to immerse its students as broadly as possible in that experience. In the best tradition of the Christian Brothers, we aspire to teach our students, “where we find them,” regardless of means or status. Toward that end we take to heart the words of the University’s mission statement, seeking "to educate the whole person by fostering a rigorous free search for truth." We believe that showing students the full reach of the human past "prepares students for the lifelong pursuit and exploration of wisdom, knowledge, and faith that lead to engaged and fulfilling lives marked by a commitment to the common good."

Department Goals

  • To ensure majors are competent in the core aspects of historical reading and writing
  • To prepare students for meaningful careers inside and outside of history
  • To enable students to use technology effectively in educational and professional life
  • To establish close working relationships between students and faculty