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Business Administration, BSBA (Traditional/Day)

Program Description

Overview of Majors Available to Business Students

All students earning B.S. in Business Administration degrees complete a common set of 14 Business Core courses. In addition, students enrolled as Traditional/Day Students complete requirements for at least one 4-8 course major offered by the School of Business. Most students choose to specialize in one or more of the following areas: Accounting, Business Systems & Analytics, Finance, International Business, Marketing, and Management & Leadership. Some students, however, do not wish to complete a specialized major. For these students, a customizable, interdisciplinary major in Business Administration (BUS) is available. BUS majors in the Traditional/Day program complete six upper-level business courses beyond the Business Core, with no more than two courses in any one discipline.

Students who are new to La Salle and not ready to declare a major in Business can select Undecided Business Administration (UBA) as a major until they are ready to choose an area of specialization. 

A six-course minor in Business Administration, described more fully under "Minor Requirements" below, is available only to non-business students. The minor requires the completion of various Business Core courses that introduce students to different aspects of business.

The Business Administration Major

The Business Administration major is a flexible course of study in which the student consults with Faculty Advisors to design a sequence of upper-level courses in line with his or her academic and career interests. Students are encouraged to develop multidisciplinary and generalizable skill sets in areas such as financial planning, risk management, analytics, cost management, contract law, human resource management, and sales. The Business Administration major is an especially good fit for students interested in entrepreneurship, small business management, and other careers that do not require a specialized educational background.

Although internships and co-ops do not count toward requirements for the Business Administration major, students are nevertheless strongly encouraged to supplement their portfolios with such experiential education opportunities (as well as relevant extracurricular activities). Students who have completed the sophomore year and have a GPA of at least 2.5 may apply to receive credit for internships and co-ops.

Why Take This Major?

This major may be of particular interest to:

  • Students interested in entrepreneurship
  • Students intending to work in nonprofit organizations or government agencies
  • Students whose families own small businesses
  • Students who wish to work in fields for which an interdisciplinary business education could be especially beneficial, such as hospitality or retail sales
  • Students who intend to go to law school
  • Students in Arts and Sciences or Nursing and Health Sciences who wish to have a second major in business